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5 Funny Love Poems
November 15th, 2010 by Sam-Frea

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Funny Love Poems

When most people consider love poems, they think of serious and soulful expressions of passion. Long sonnets by Shakespeare or romantic poems by Browning and Lord Byron are the norm for love poetry. Nevertheless, funny love poems could be good for a laugh. They might not be romantic, however they do give your pals one thing to enjoy.

A number of the finest funny love poems are limericks. Limericks started in Eire and follow a regular form of 5 lines and a rhyme scheme of aabba. Here are a couple of limericks written by nameless authors:

There as soon as was an previous man of Lyme
Who married three wives at a time
When requested "Why a 3rd?"
He replied, "One's absurd!
And bigamy, Sir, is a crime."

There was a younger fellow named Hammer
Whose had an unlucky stammer
"The b-bane of my life"
Mentioned he, "Is m-m-my spouse
D-d-d-d-d-d-rattling ‘er!"

She made associates with a young undertaker;
Her last boyfriend had forsaken her.
But she started to curse
When he turned up in a hearse.
She said subsequent time I’ll date a baker!

There was a young girl named Constance,
From boys she wouldn’t stand any nonsense.
If her partners grew deft
She would lead along with her left;
The outcomes would not weigh on her conscience.

My sweetheart and I are simply wed.
Already I wish I were dead.
{Two} weeks she’s been spending.
It was time never ending.
We are thousands of pounds within the pink!

Limericks are pretty simple to write down should you can rhyme well, so that you may strive writing a limerick your self that includes the title of your pal or cherished one. It is a good technique to make a funny love poem that's personalized.

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