Tips On Planning A Personal Funeral Service
August 27th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Personal Funeral Service

Death is a certainty and yet we prepare so little for it.

Holding a service in memory of the deceased is one of the oldest customs of humankind. A traditional funeral service used to be carried out in a church, with some hymns, recitals and a eulogy for the departed. Today, the practice has undergone significant change, as a large number of people now want to opt for a customized personal funeral service for their dearly departed.

Carrying out a funeral service right after the death of a near and dear one can be a difficult job for any family. Yet did you know that a funeral service is not legally required? No law makes it mandatory to hold a funeral service.

Often people have an erroneous belief that a service can be held only in a church. Although, traditionally, such services were held in a church, with the trend of personalizing, many funeral services are now being conducted within the premises of the departed. Such services do not mandate the presence of any clergy or pastor or even a casket as a compulsory requirement.

With the increase in choice for personal funeral services, it is crucial to take the deceased into consideration when making your plans for it. The choice of music should be from among the personal favorites of the deceased, though it is preferable to have soft music. You could choose from a live music band or going with pre-recorded music.

There is also an increasing trend of displaying the personal items of the departed to show his or her true nature to the whole world. Another crucial factor in any funeral service is an address to those who attend in the form of a recital, a song or even a speech describing the deceased.

Lastly, it is advisable to give the guests gathered at the service some type of a memento that will help them recall the memory of the departed forever.

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